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31 Aug 2011, 2 Comments »

Remember when Kristen asked for some Nice Things that mail well in a regular envelope? I do, I do! Here’s another good one:

Temporary tattoos!

My (tatt)two-year-old has been getting them via mail all summer from both grandmas, and yes, he’s been insisting that I wear them (tatt)too, and no, I didn’t protest at all, even though that pink cartoon bunny with the giant, moist eyes who was sliding down a rainbow into a field of glitter stars really didn’t jive with my personal aesthetic. But what’s a mom to (tatt)do but just grin and bear it?

Want to mail some temp tattoos to someone with high standards? Here are three options:

1. Tattly‘s designs are…designery and way cool for both kids and adults. The “What to Focus On” pattern shown above is a delight. (Hat tip to Maggie.)

2. Etsy, of course! (These are gorgeous. Who needs accessories with body art like that?)

3. Did you know you can buy printable tattoo paper at the craft store? Amazon sells it too. What will your custom tatts look like?

(Psst. Check back later this week for a special (tatt)to-do just for you!)

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  1. Kristen Chase gave me one of those “You’re Late” watch tattoos at BlogHer and I got compliments about it for days! I’m so glad you posted because I couldn’t remember the name of the site she got it from. Her stuff is awesome.

  2. Deva says:

    Have you heard of Tatu T-shirt tattoos? They’re like iron-ons, but temporary, like the temporary tattoos. I find them intriguing :-)


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