Rainbow Food

15 Apr 2011, 3 Comments »

Even this non-foodie knows presentation counts for a lot when you’re trying to make an impression (or get your kids to eat something).  I’ve been seeing a lot of rainbow food lately, and why not, since everybody likes rainbows. Here are some of my favorites:

Rainbow swirl cake from Omnomicon.

Rainbow layer cake from Oven Love.

Rainbow jello from Do Better.

Surprise rainbow cake from Not Martha.

Rainbow fruit sticks from Lunchalicious.

A toddler-approved snack plate from Food Lush. (Easily converts to smaller portions for lunchboxes or picnic baskets.)

Rainbow stuffed french toast from I Am Mommy on Martha Stewart.

Rainbow bento, with instructions, from Jewelmaker.

For a quickie in the morning, don’t miss the rainbow toast from Geek Mom, and if you just need help with ideas, here’s a list of food by color from Parentella.

If there aren’t rainbows in your forecast, make your own! Happy Friday!

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  1. Dani says:

    I made a rainbow cake for a surprise on my friend Samantha’s birthday. She was in HEAVEN!


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