Laptop Drive-In Movie

12 Jul 2011, 1 Comment »

A brilliant (and cheap, and easy) date idea courtesy of my brilliant (and cheap, and easy, but in the good ways) beau:

Tell your date to wear his comfiest p.j.s, then drive him somewhere you can watch the sun set while holding hands. He’ll think that’s it, but once it’s dark, that’s your cue to pull out the date supplies you have hidden in the trunk: a laptop, a box of DVDs, and a basket of drinks and snacks. Hook up the laptop to external speakers if you have them, then recline your seats (or climb in the back), pull up a blanket, and pray the laptop doesn’t run out of juice before the closing credits.     

(When we did this a couple of years ago, we were right at the dramatic climax of Legend when the cops shut us down with their blinding spotlight because the fogged windows of our parked car made them suspect we were up to more than enjoying PG eighties cinema. I can’t imagine why!)

Drive-in pick-up via Pinterest.

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One Comment

  1. HollyLynne says:

    We used to do something similar . . . using our portable dvd player and an air mattress on our roof deck. Haven’t done it since I was pregnant . . .we’ll have to try it out with the toddler! Thanks for the idea.


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