Friday Charity Round-Up

20 May 2011, 1 Comment »

Cause of the Month Update | This weekend reader Lauren is walking in the Great Strides event to honor Abby and support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Please consider donating to the cause, and don’t forget that your shopping dollars always go the extra mile if you buy anything through an affiliate link on this site. (All commissions from May will go to the Nice Things Now Cause of the Month, as they have and will every month.) Lauren is a little over halfway to her fundraising goal of $1,000, so let’s see if we can get her there!


Donate Someone Else’s Money | Who would you help if someone sent you $50 to donate to a local organization? My friends over at Rookie Moms are helping celebrate Pampers’ 50th anniversary by giving one lucky reader a $50 American Express gift card to spend on the community organization of his or her choice, and to enter all you have to do is leave a comment on their post before Tuesday, May 24, telling them who you’d help and why. Donating $50 doesn’t get easier than this.


Give to Win | One thing I learned about hosting events in college is that if you want people to participate, you should offer them free food. PBS pledge drives operate on the same principal–in exchange for a donation, supporters can choose a gift (will it be the branded tote bag or the 10-cd set of Puccini’s greatest hits?)–and yeah, while this method doesn’t have the pure virtue of giving for giving’s sake, it does work, so who’s complaining? Crowdrise, a charity organization started in 2009 by actor Edward Norton (I’ll donate to his cause; rawr), lets anyone set up a fundraising website under its umbrella, but what makes this program different is that it also offers supporters incentives specially geared to the younger, tech-savvy, online-networking crowd. Some of the prizes have included a pizza party, a fancy windbreaker shirt plus…a drawing of a ghost (huh?), and a bottle of Will Farrell’s suntan lotion featuring a nude picture of him on the front. Yeah. From the site: “They said it’s fun to donate $26, but it’s more fun if you donate and have a chance to win a prize.” You can’t argue with that.


On behalf of the organizations you’ve helped through this site and will help in the future, THANK YOU.

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One Comment

  1. Lauren E.E. says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for making the CFF your Cause of the Month! It means so much to me and my friends. Late last night, my husband and I met our personal goal of raising $1000. The team we’re on raised over $27,000! I can’t tell you how great that feels. I know that someday soon, our friend Abby’s life will be changed by those fundraising efforts and the work of the CFF. Thank you!


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